About Us

About Us

A Modern Solution for Traditional Care

A community built on better health

Confident there must be a better way to connect caregivers and patients, and driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, the founders of Healthchat have created an inspired, elegantly simple platform for doctors, nurses and patients to communicate and collaborate.

Healthchat strips away the inefficiency and bureaucracy of old-fashioned, “wait-for-a-callback” doctor/patient interactions and replaces them with modern convenience, user-friendly technology, and the warmth of personal connection.

Our Team

Chris Chowquan Healthchat

Chris Chowquan


Miguel Carvajal Healthchat

Miguel Carvajal

VP of Technology

Jacob Jackson Healthchat

Jacob C. Jackson

Chief Legal Officer

Sonia Albornoz Gutierrez

Director, Business Development

Mark Kent

Advisor, CEO of Women's Health Care

Moneeze Mujtaba

Dr. Moneeze Mujtaba


Kistama Naidu

Dr. Kistama Naidu


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